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Lake Norman church of Christ
17634 Caldwell Station Rd
Huntersville, NC 28078

2015 Theme:
Life in Jesus/Discipleship - The need to know and be like Jesus


A number of churches are springing up with an appeal to "come as your are" and "enjoy the music." They also say things like "It does not matter what you believe, just come and be enriched." These new brand of churches attempt to bend to the will of those attending, but whatever happened to submitting to the will of God?

God's Word is our authority in religion. Without submission to it, there can be no unity. If each person can do what he thinks is right in his own eyes, there is confusion. Not only that, but if we choose to follow our own will or some human tradition instead of the will of God, we have elevated ourselves above the authority of God.

Jesus said, "All authority has been given unto me" (Matthew 28:18). That means no one, no council, or no tradition has the right to alter the words of Jesus. The words he spoke were from God (John 12:49).

There are good people who have accepted what someone else has said without investigating what God has said. Good people are following the tradition of men instead of following the word of God. We encourage everyone to read and respect the Bible as the word of God and humbly submit to it. Only then can there be the unity that Jesus prayed for (John 17:20-21).


 13th-14th – Boiling Springs COC SHIELD (Serving Him In Early Leadership Development) boys, 6th grade and up


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